A little intro — About the studio

Not Real is an award-winning studio that creates impactful high-end visual content. We help brands interact in the current world, understanding and transforming the contemporary visual trends.

Every project is a unique opportunity for something new, so we keep ourselves visually and technically versatile, pursuing fresh ideas to always achieve up-to-date communication goals.

We believe our production and organizational skills are key to achieving high standard visual results. We deliver a high-end product by providing a high quality service.

Our Team — The People

Valeria Moreiro

Milton Gonzalez

Bárbara Gonzalez

Sofi Pumarega

Roberto Connolly

Eugenia García Montaldo

Florencia Tasso

Juan Cioffi

Max D'Angelo

Luján Borzi

Macarena Mosquera

Martín Orza

Mercedes Ginzo

Vitor Teixeira

Alex Mellado

+ our trusted network of freelance collaborators

Production skills

We strongly believe the quality of the product we create goes hand in hand with the quality of the process developed across all of the stages within a project, from planning and bidding to final delivery.

Since our early days, we’ve been constantly developing and improving the way we produce our projects, organize our team and collaborate with our clients.

We’ve done projects for companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nike, Spotify, Siemens, Pepsi, eBay, Verizon, AMEX, Geico and Facebook, among others.


Creative Direction

Our creative directors Milton Gonzalez and Valeria Moreiro are the key pillars of the creativity on each project we take.

Highly experienced in their fields even before founding Not Real studio, their strength as a creative duo relies not only on their artistic capabilities but also on their characters as team-leaders.

Their passion as a duo lies in creating fresh and meaningful visual content, exploring new techniques, working across a variety of styles, and pushing the creative boundaries with bold new ways of visual problem-solving.

Global-team mindset

The studio gathers a team of diverse creative talents, all highly specialized in their respective fields.

Having both a core team but also working with a continuous flow of highly qualified external collaborators from around the globe, all work is developed together under the direction of our CD’s and the studio production workflow.

Growing trustworthy relationships with a tight group of collaborators allows the studio to guarantee scalability for larger projects needs, achieving higher quality results, and cultivating our people with a global team mindset.

Let’s work together— If you have a potential project or and think we’d be the ideal partner to bring it to life, please get in touch at hello@notreal.tv. We’d love to hear from you!

Awards — & Recognitions

2020 Clio Awards - Bronze in Design Craft / Animation for “Nike -Gumball Pack”

2020-2021 A’Design Award - Silver in Movie, Video and Animation for “RingCentral - Message, Video, Phone”

2021 Indigo Awards - Branding of the Year, Gold in Branding Category, Gold in Computer Animation, Gold in Integrated Graphic Design, Silver in Health & Beauty Category, Silver in Packaging Design for "Grace - Sunset Collection"

2021 Indigo Awards - Gold in Computer Animation for “RingCentral - Message, Video, Phone”

2021 Indigo Awards - Gold in Computer Animation for “Nike -Gumball Pack”

2021 LAD Awards - Gold in Animation for “Gogoro - Network Brand Video”

2021 LAD Awards - Silver in Branding for “Grace Sunset Collection”

2021 LAD Awards - Silver in illustration & Design for Good for “Unicef - Teens at Home”

2021 LAD Awards - Bronze in Graphic Design for “CFT - Shop & Learn”

2021 LAD Awards - Bronze in Animation for “RAD”