This year, we had the pleasure to develop the brand illustration and animation language for a very large worldwide consulting company. 

The whole toolkit consisted of multiple characters, environments, icons and animation guidelines so that the company could translate and use this assets into any kind of brand communication; like explainer videos, keynote presentations for their clients, internal messages or even into their website.

For the characters toolkit, the aim was to create ownable brand characters that could be perceived as a diverse team, a group of people that could come alive with a friendly, fresh & human approach.  We placed them on different environments where they could work and live, like a park, an office and or even a living room. 

We also developed a series of abstract and figurative icons with the aim to represent several concepts such as achievements, assessments, feedback, group work, learning, reflecting and resources, among others. Initially simple and geometric based, these became more dynamic by having the possibility to add volume and play with shadows to add a sense of depth.

For the animation guidelines, the idea was to keep everything clear, eye catching and versatile, the animations where specially developed to show how the characters interact between each other and with the environment, as well as with other objects. 
To achieve fluid movements, overlapping and controlled bounces brought our characters and objects to life, creating a pleasant and positive mood for each sequence.


Directed by: NotReal

Creative Directon: Milton Gonzalez
EP: Roberto Connolly
Line Producer: Joana Cabrera

Art Direction: Luján Borzi
2D Design: Luján Borzi, Martín Orza, Josefina Llano, Andrea Devia Nuño

Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez
Lead Animator: Pablo Cuello
2D Animation: Ale Imondi, Facundo Poviña, Joana Cabrera
Animation Assistant: Joana Cabrera, Manuela Cáceres

Production Company: Jelly London
EP - Jelly: Erika Panasci
Project Manager - Jelly: Ross Frame
Junior Producer - Jelly: Tom Henneberry

Year: 2020